"Four Positions of Contemporary Painting", art place berlin

exhibition in Nauart, Barcelona 7 November - 21 November

Paris. 18 Rue de l'Hotel de Ville. Artstudio. Cite internationale des arts. Project “Des rouleaux créés sous l'impression d'errances dans l'Est du un artiste russe”

project "sad story dance"

museum "Tsaritsyno", Moscow, solo exhibition "Ambiguous situation"

The project "Remembering the Seventies", Paris, Cite internationale des arts.

The project "Remembering the Seventies" by Alexander Kosyak consists of
graphics works on the silk as a ghosts of his memories of the music of the
seventies ("Summer of Love" ,1968) and his photos of those years filmed in Taiga in Siberia,
where it was impossible to listen to this music. He was inspired to continue this project,
which he started in 1977, by the exhibition "Pop music 1967-2017 graphisme&musique" in Cite internationale des arts.