Alexander Kosyak

Born           December 8, 1957, Soviet Union


Member of Moscow Artists Union since 1991.

Member of Russian Artists Union.



1970-1974        School of Arts, Pyatigorsk

1979-1984        Moscow state University of design and technology, faculty of Arts


Selected Exhibitions

2014                 Solo exhibition “Why does it exist?” residence “Nauart” Barcelona, Spain

2014                 Exhibition “Four Positions of Contemporary Painting”,  gallery “Art Place   

                         Berlin”, Berlin, Germany

2013                 Solo exhibition, gallery “Na Kashirke”, Moscow, Russia

2012                 Solo exhibition, museum “Tsaritsino”, Moscow, Russia

2010                 Exhibition, gallery “Smend”, Germany, Cologne

2009                 Solo exhibition, gallery “Etienne Dewulf”, Gent, Belgium

2008                 Exhibition, gallery “CART” Moscow, Russia.

2006                 Solo exhibition “Ambiguous situation”, gallery "Kusnetskiy most" Moscow, Russia 

1998                 "in absentia - in corpore"  exhibition, gallery "Zamek Ksiaz", Walbrzych, Poland  

1997                 Exhibition, gallery “Tretyakov gallery”, Moscow, Russia

1993                 Exhibition, gallery “Habiart”, Deli, India

1992                 biennale “Deuxien” Belgium 

1991                 Exhibition, gallery “David Harrington”, London, England

1990                 Exhibition, gallery “F-15”, Moss, Norway




Works are in Moscow’s museums (the State museum-reserve Tsaritsyno, Moscow museum of Modern Art , Russian museum of applied art), in the  Bank of America collection, Walbrzych museum (Poland), in private collections in Russia, Germany, Poland, England, Canada.



2014                 Medal for merit in creative activities, Moscow Artists Union,

2007                 Diploma of Russian Academy of Arts for works presented on solo exhibition “Ambiguous situation”,

1999                 Certificate for participation in plenary “Szczawno Zdroij-99”, Poland


Teaching Position

1997-1999     Moscow state University of design and technology, assistant professor, composition on faculty of Arts



Creative trips

2015              Germany, Berlin

2014              France, Paris

2013              Myanmar, Bagan

2012              India, Humpy

2009              Holland, Amsterdam

2008              Spain, Madrid

1998              Poland, Wroclav

1993              India, Himalaya

1992              India, Himalaya



2018             Cite internationale des arts, Paris, France

2014             “Nauart”, espacio de creation, Barselona, Spain



” Surface Design Journal” USA, July 2000,

“Textileforum” Germany 2012, 1999, 1998,

“Eskvaer” 1992,

“Dialogue Art” (Journal of Russian museum of Modern art) 2005:


"Alexander Kosyak operates language, taken from different traditions, exploring the cultural memory, uses archaic forms, conventional signs, referring to figurative, to the abstract. Many of his works reflected the ambivalent status of the artist is inherent and modern culture: dive into the depths of the subconscious combined with clear thinking.”


Some catalogs:

“Bank of America collections”1992,

”Moree Flowers” India, 1993,

“Gold paint brush” Moscow, 1997,

“In absentia- in corpore” Poland, 1998,

 Album “Tsaritsino. Collections.” Moscow, 2005,

“Artists Designers Teachers”, Moscow, 2009,


Book “Fascinating technique and practice” Rita Trefois, Belgium, 2010.